Backpacker Tips to Bromo from Jogja

Backpacker-style vacations are currently in great demand by several circles of tourists, especially for the younger generation who want to travel independently, freely and minimize the budget. These backpackers can even travel long distances even if they only carry a small amount of equipment.

One of the most popular tourist destinations is a trip to Bromo from Yogyakarta. Even though the distance is quite far, which is about 285 kilometers and takes 10 / 12 hours. You can try this backpacker trip to Bromo from Yogyakarta and feel how exciting the atmosphere is along the way.
to bromo by train from Yogyakarta

What do you need to go to Bromo from Yogyakarta?

Even though backpacker-style travel is seen as a practical, cheap and hassle-free travel solution, to be able to get it you have to find out what is needed in order to be able to travel to Bromo from Yogyakarta.

Well … for that you can listen to what needs you need to go to Bromo. Do not let you take it easy or underestimate it, you might end up being confused and confused in the middle of the trip due to lack of preparation.

These are the things you need to prepare / plan to start the Bromo Backpacker trip from Yogyakarta:


Considering that you will depart from Yogyakartakarta, the first thing that comes to mind is transportation. But what type of transportation can be the best choice and according to the backpacker’s budget/cost to Mount Bromo?

The answer is land transportation, because Bromo and Yogyakarta are both on the island of Java and can be traversed using land transportation. And the cost of Bromo tourism will be much cheaper than taking a plane, this is a transportation option that you can use.

Take the bus from Yogyakarta to Bromo

Traveling by bus from Yogyakarta to Bromo is now easier, because there are many POs that provide the Yogyakarta – Malang / Yogyakarta – Probolinggo route. You are free to determine which route you want to take, because these 2 cities are the entrance to Bromo.

If your transit destination is Malang City, you can get off at Arjosari Terminal then continue your journey towards Overlapping by taking an angkot.

If your destination is Probolinggo, you can go to Banyuangga Probolinggo Terminal. Then continue the journey by taking an angkot heading towards Sukapura.

Take the train from Yogyakarta to Bromo

If you want to go to Bromo by train from Yogyakarta, then the nearest transit destination is Malang City, you can take the Yogyakarta – Malang train and get off at Kota Baru Malang Station. The journey from Malang Station to Bromo is still quite far, you can go to Tumpang (Bromo entrance via Malang) by taking an angkot.

Or even easier, you can use the Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen tour package. Travel services have provided all your needs. This will help you enjoy your trip.

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